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coffee roasters' coloring book

For all the frazzled parents in a desperate, wide-eyed search for ways in which to keep their children occupied as many government agencies maintain “safer at home” orders, roaster manufacturer Loring has introduced a new resource, “The Coffee Roasters’ Coloring Book.”

As its name suggests, the book is not just for the little seedlings in your house; it can also provide a welcome diversion for you big pacamamas and pacapapas, too!

The black-and-white drawings range in simplicity from a single giant coffee bean, to the inked-up arms of a roaster gently scooping beans from the cooling tray, to a fully formed, energy-efficient Loring S70 Peregrine roaster paired with a destoner derived from CAD drawings.


From “The Coffee Roasters’ Coloring Book,” courtesy of Loring.

Here’s what the California-based roaster-maker has to say:

Sheltered in place with nothing to do? Home schooling your younglings? Dream of a purple Loring roaster?

Sharpen your silver and brown crayons. We don’t care if you stay inside the lines. Just have fun.

Download Loring’s “The Coffee Roasters’ Coloring Book”

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