Coffee Review Statement Regarding COVID-19

We are living in unsettling times. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing challenges and hardships for all of our families, businesses, healthcare workers, first responders and, of course, coffee communities locally and around the world.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with the individuals and families who are directly affected by the virus. For those who are sick, we wish you a speedy recovery. For those who are currently healthy, please take every precaution to protect yourself, your families, your co-workers, and your community. Follow the health and prevention recommendations from the World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As part of the worldwide coffee community, we at Coffee Review are particularly focused on the urgent personal and professional challenges facing everyone from our readers, to roasters and coffee shops, to baristas and food service workers, to farmers and importers. We remain committed to our mission of helping consumers purchase and enjoy superior quality coffee and helping recognize and reward the roasters and farmers who produce these coffees. With minor exceptions, we will continue to offer regular reviews of great coffees from great roasters and great coffee farms. We will encourage our readers and coffee lovers in general to continue buying coffee online and enjoying their daily coffee routine at home.

However, our mission now takes on a greater urgency. In the coming days, we will re-purpose and launch our membership program to help us better pursue our mission and support our roaster partners and other small roasting companies in these difficult times. If you are a coffee lover, please consider joining our membership program at

One of the privileges of being involved in the coffee community is sharing a love of a beverage that, for centuries, has been a facilitator of joy in good times and dependable consolation and tonic in difficult times. One small way we can help weather our current crisis is by sharing the joy and consolation coffee can provide. Be healthy and stay safe.

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