20 Best Coffee Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Inner Barista

Did you know Instagram has nearly 125 million photos tagged #coffee? Coffee has become one of the world’s most Instagrammed beverages, whether a cascading nitro cold brew or a vibrant unicorn frappuccino.

The best coffee Instagram accounts are more than just pretty pictures; they offer education and inspiration. Keep reading for our twenty favorites.

20 Coffee Instagram Accounts You’re Going to Want to Follow

There are literally thousands of pages on Instagram dedicated to all things coffee, from barista Instagram, accounts to coffee influencers. Here are 20 that we love. They have varying themes, but each offers inspiring content regularly.

If you love art and design as much as you love coffee, you will enjoy following ACME Porcelain Specialty Cups. Based in New Zealand, this retailer of beautiful ceramics and cutlery doesn’t just feature pictures of their gorgeous products.

You can expect to find inspiration in photos of bright cafes, perfect latte art, drool-worthy home coffee bar set-ups, and the occasional adorable sketch.

Junichi Yamaguchi is an award-winning barista and cafe owner in Kyoto, Japan. His cafe, which you can also find on Instagram @here.kyoto, specializes not only in great coffee but also in canelés, the classic French delicacy.

The result is an account featuring beautiful lattes and picture-perfect pastries, interspersed with soothing scenes of Kyoto’s natural landscape.

Andy Anderson, the man behind @manmakecoffee, is not a photographer but rather a curator of images, and his eye for inspirational photography is impeccable.

This account will inspire you not just to drink great coffee but also to appreciate the people and stories surrounding the coffee. You’ll want to see more of the world, meet more people, and eat more delicious food. Through the eyes of Andy Anderson, a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee; it’s the centerpiece of an experience.

Asaf Rauch runs Barista Swag, a manufacturer of pouring pitchers for latte art. If you’re a budding latte art enthusiast, you will certainly benefit from one of their beautiful pitchers, which features a signature curving body that’s as functional as it is aesthetic.

But that’s not why you should follow this account. Most posts are videos of latte art in action, which offer both instruction and inspiration for the up-and-coming latte artist.

The Barista Hustle Instagram account isn’t about pretty pictures, although you’ll find your fair share of those; it’s about understanding every aspect of coffee.

Barista Hustle is an online learning platform that offers training on everything from how to make a latte to how people process coffee beans around the world. Whether you’re a professional barista or a home enthusiast, following this account will leave you itching to learn more about your favorite brew.

Perfect Daily Grind is a global news service that covers all things coffee, from the farmers and processors to roasters and baristas. Their website is a treasure trove of well-researched and enlightening articles, and their account is a natural extension of this, offering informative coffee captions for Instagram.

Follow this account to stay up to date with what’s happening in the coffee industry around the world, everything from breaking news to brewing tips.

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● The environmental rate of change can help predict the temperature of the roasting drum, and, in turn, help maintain control during roasting.⁠ ⁠ ● Changes to the environmental temperature can affect the desired qualities of a roast, or worse, disrupt a roast entirely. ⁠ ⁠ ● Tracking this during a roast means you have an awareness of potential changes in temperature while you’re roasting.⁠ ⁠ ● “When you are replicating a roast and when you have more data, you are actually able to replicate it even better than with less data,” says Francisco Supervielle, co-founder of @SeisMontes.⁠ ⁠ ● In today’s article, find out more about the environmental rate of change and how you can put reading the data into practice.⁠ ⁠ ● Article by: Caryn Smith⁠ ⁠ ● Photo by: @JeanPy_Q⁠

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Scott Rao is a coffee writer and consultant with decades of experience in the coffee industry. He specializes in the roasting, cafe owning, and barista end of the product chain.

Rao’s Instagram account is an eclectic mix of tips, tricks, and product reviews, and it will probably appeal more to full-fledged coffee geeks than to brewing novices. Follow this one for inspiration and advanced tips to take your home brewing to the next level.

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After John @decentespressomachines expressed his satisfaction with @nichecoffee ‘a Niche Zero grinder , I bought one and have been using it for a few weeks. I’m impressed with its performance. On the surface it’s pleasing: it’s quiet, well designed, attractive, compact, creates almost clump-free grounds, and retains less coffee than almost any grinder I’ve ever used. But I was skeptical about its performance in the cup, being a $650 conical-burr grinder aimed at the home market. One clue that the Niche was different was that John had chosen it as his go-to grinder for use with the DE1 at trade shows. I took the plunge, and I’m glad I did. Not only does the Niche produce clump-free, fluffy grounds at extremely fine grind settings at which ALL of our other trade-show grinders have created an untenable amount of clumps (my favorite shot, the “blooming espresso” requires an extremely fine grind), but the Niche produces delicious, high extractions. For reference, my normale espressos have EY averaging 21.5%, blooming shots average 24.5%, and allongé average 23.5%. The Niche’s performance in filter brewing has been pretty good, but not extraordinary: v60s have averaged 22% so far. That said, I’ve been pleased with the flavor of the v60s, it’s definitely good enough, and the Niche as good at filter as any comparably priced machine. (This all begs the question: are conicals really not suitable for filter coffee? I believe that is a myth based on limited evidence gleaned from just a few models of conical grinders. Once the conical SSPs arrive, I bet the Niche will make an excellent grinder for filter. NB: I paid for my grinder and receive no financial or other benefit from @nichecoffee. Also, the grinder requires about 6 kg of seasoning before performance is as stated.

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Coffee culture isn’t exactly known for big-name celebrities, but if anyone qualified, it would be James Hoffmann.

This former World Barista Champion and author of the World Atlas of Coffee offers a wealth of knowledge packaged in a charming and quirky persona. His Instagram page consists mainly of beneficial product reviews and brewing tips, with the occasional whacky sidebar. This account is guaranteed never to bore you.

This is the Instagram account you never knew you needed in your life. Coffee Cups of the World is precisely what it claims to be: photographs of coffee cups offered by cafes worldwide. And if that sounds boring to you, you are in for a surprise.

Each of the featured cups is a tiny and unique piece of art. Ranging from witty cartoons to gorgeous designs, from sparse graphics to colorful mosaics, each offers a little glimpse of the cafe and city from which it hails.

Coffee Sesh is an educational website, offering coffee and barista techniques for beginners and pros alike, but their associated Instagram is a more eclectic mix.

They have educational posts linking back to their informative articles, funny coffee memes and cartoons, and gorgeous shots of perfect lattes, which will have you drooling on your phone. Some of the most fun posts are those showcasing creative latte art from around the world.

The Coffee Nomad is a fascinating account documenting one woman’s travels as she explores the world one cup of coffee at a time. Whether sipping a morning brew in the hills of a Bolivian plantation, enjoying a coffee in Bali, or sitting down to a perfect latte at a bright and airy American cafe, expect enticing photography and a compelling narrative.

And if you’re lucky enough to find her in your area, count on great recommendations for local cafes and roasters.

This fantastically creative account is for the art lovers as much as the coffee lovers. Giulia Bernardelli has carved out a niche for herself as a coffee artist, literally painting masterpieces with a cup of coffee as her palate.

There’s plenty of non-coffee artwork, including brightly colored mosaics of shells and leaves and strangely compelling collages of household items. If you enjoy finding the beauty in the mundane, this is the account for you, and it might inspire you to use coffee for your DIY projects.

Coffee and clothes might seem like a strange combo on which to build a brand. Still, when the hashtag #coffeenclothes took off in 2014, founder Ryan Glick knew he had struck a chord.

People like coffee and people do like fashion. Hence, the success of Coffee n’ Clothes. You’ll find photos of fashionistas drinking expensive coffee, latte art with designer labels, and witty cartoons on the Instagram account. It’s an unpredictable mix that will never cease to surprise.

Coffee and Seasons is sheer aesthetic bliss. It’s a curated collection of photos with the hashtag #coffeeandseasons. The result is an assortment of gorgeous pictures, each highlighting a cup of coffee and the season in which it was brewed. That means perfect flower arrangements in spring and summer, rustic snowscapes in the winter, and steaming spiced lattes surrounded by fallen leaves in the autumn.

If you enjoy still-life art with a hint of caffeine, you’ll be right at home.

The Book of Coffee account features a collection of coffee-themed photos from around the world that will inspire you to travel and give you a desire for a caffeinated brew in equal measures. One day might be a modern cafe in downtown Tokyo, and the next might be coffee brewing over an open flame somewhere deep in the backcountry or coffee in Thailand.

Follow this account for a daily reminder of the diversity of this beverage we all love.

Barista Daily is a shopping and retail website that sells everything from espresso machines to coffee beans. Yet, their Instagram page is much more than that.

Along with product shots and links to sales, deals, and reviews each day, they’ll treat you to a glimpse of the world’s coffee culture. It might be a pastel-colored cafe front in London, or a motorcycle turned coffee shop on wheels in the forests of France. This page will give you both the desire to drink great coffee and the means to brew it.

This Instagram account, perhaps more than any other on the list, will have you salivating over your smartphone.

It offers stunning photographs of not just coffee around the world, but the entire cafe lifestyle, featuring the top-down photography style popularized by Instagram. Each photo may have caffeine as its universal theme, but you’re just as likely to spot a delicately flaky croissant, tender rolled crepe, or fruit-topped waffle. Just try not to drool!

Books and Beans is both a cafe and an online community, each dedicated to the timeless pairing that is a great book and a warm cup of coffee. Every month, they feature a Book of the Month, and followers are encouraged to participate in a virtual book club.

If you’re looking for inspiration for new reads, beautiful lattes, and a community of like-minded people to share them with, this is the place.

#19 BaristArt by Michael Breach

Michael Breach is no ordinary latte artist, which is why he has been widely featured on television and in magazines. This isn’t latte art so much as art that happens to be found on a latte.

Extending far beyond the typical hearts and swans, he crafts portraits, optical illusions, and designs so intricate that you have to believe them. Why are the photographs on his Instagram account stunning? They’re the videos of his artistry in action that are the real draw here.

Along with being known for their design aesthetic, Scandinavians drink more coffee per capita than anyone else on earth. So it should come as no surprise that this Swedish roaster has a noteworthy Instagram account. It features behind-the-scenes photos of the roasting process, tasting notes for their latest creations, brewing set-ups and tips, and the occasional cameo from the adorable company dog.

Wrapping up

Take advantage of this list to add some fresh coffee content to your Instagram feed. The daily doses of inspiration will play up your brewing game and deepen your appreciation for the diversity of coffee culture worldwide.

Do you have any favorite coffee Instagram accounts that we missed? Let us know in the comments. And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your coffee-loving friends.

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